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Catoctin Wildlife Preserve

From llamas and lemurs to bears and boas, from macaws to monkeys to panthers and pythons, meet hundreds of exotic animals on your adventure.

Amazing adventures and exciting new animal friends await you in this 50-acre park! You will be welcomed by natural ponds, lush landscaping, and wandering Ambass-zoo-dors, eager to indulge inquisitive guests.

Catoctin Wildlife Preserve features more interactive touch and feed opportunities than any other zoo in the region. These amazing animals are our extended family and vital ambassadors for their species. Through our personal style of exhibitory and education, we know that they will be your extended family too. Together we can make sure all the wild animals enjoy the future they deserve.

Ask us how you can join us in our conservation efforts.


Catoctin Wildlife Preserve is supported by the Global Wildlife Trust whose mission is dedicated to broadening human understanding of the animal world.

This is achieved through immersion in naturalistic habitat recreations and educational programs using live animals and instructional tools both on-site at Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and through presentations in the greater community.

We strive to provide the highest level of competent care for its resident wildlife ambassadors and to support the conservation of their wild counterparts in unspoiled habitats.

We are committed to this mission because we believe promoting harmonious coexistence of all species is our duty as stewards of the Earth.

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