Show you care. 

Your symbolic adoption puts you in partnership with the professionals at Catoctin Wildlife Preserve.

When you “adopt” one of the Preserve’s animals, you contribute to its care and feeding for one full year. In addition to veterinary services, exhibit upgrades, enrichment puzzles and wellness programs, the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve spends more than $200,000 a year for food – from hay to hamburger to specialty diets.

You adoption donation also supports important education and conservation programs at the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve.

View our Adopt-an-Animal flyer below and choose from one of the many levels of support and one of the wonderful animals available for adoption.


Adoptable Animals:

American Alligator, Camel, Galapagos Tortoise, Hyacinth Macaw, Indian Peafowl, King Cobra, Meerkat, Olive Baboon, Pygmy, Goat, Sloth, Wolves, Zebra

Adopt-an-Animal Parents

Catoctin Wildlife Preserve gratefully acknowledges the support of these 2023-2024 donors:

AFRICA level ($1000 or more):
  • Crew W. adopted a Wolf
PACK level ($250):
  • Fairytale Brides- Leah W. adopted a Zebra
  • Girl Scout Troop #37144 adopted a Wolf
  • Tracy ‘Nana’ adoped a Zebra
  • Dana E. adopted a Sloth

LEOPARD level ($100):

  • Jenna D. adopted a Goat
  • Gavin R. adopted a Sloth
  • Anna R. adopted a Meerkat
  • Cliff and Chase M. adopted a Wolf
  • Naomi S. adopted a Pygmy Goat
  • Serena R. adopted a Wolf

Special Adoptions:

  • Mrs. Keath adopted, the Bongo
MONKEY level ($50):
  • Lucy R. adopted a Olive Baboon
  • Hope P. adopted a Sloth
  • Robert L. adopted a Wolf
  • Griffith Family adopted an Olive Baboon
  • Ellie and Oliver M. adopted a Sloth
  • Connor F. adopted a Tortoise
  • Rory adopted a Alligator
  • Summer H. adopted a Hyacinth Macaw
  • Eric B. and Ashley B. adopted a Meerkat
  • Master Elliot H. adopted a Tortoise
  • Violet P. adopted a Sloth
  • Angelina R. adopted a Meerkat
  • Aubrey C. adopted a Zebra
CUB level ($25):
  • Rhyon L. adopted a Pygmy Goat
  • Patrick M. adopted a Wolf
  • Patrick M. adopted a Peafowl
  • Kelly H. adopted a Sloth
  • Audrey B. adopted a Meerkat
  • Grace H. adopted a Meerkat
  • Grace H. adopted a Galapagos Tortoise
  • Greyson K. adopted a Zebra
  • Krystle adopted a Sloth
  • Anna L. adopted a Olive Baboon
  • Liz M. adopted a King Cobra
  • Lela M. adopted a Zebra
  • Alison C. adopted a Hyacinth Macaw