The Catoctin Wildlife Preserve is excited to announce the successful rearing of another vulnerable species, Madagascar’s largest carnivore, the Fossa. These very rare animals gained their notoriety in the Dreamworks film Madagascar.

The young pups were born to CWP’s fossa pair on June 17th, 2014. The pups were pulled for rearing by Laurie Hahn, the zoo’s certified veterinarian technician after the first-time mother lost interest in their care. At four days of age their eyes were still closed and they weighed just 80 grams. The infants required feedings every two hours around the clock for the first two weeks. Only a few zoos in this country have successfully bred and raised fossa pups.

The pups now weigh over 500 grams and are starting to eat solids in addition to their special liquid formula. The preserve is planning to build an exhibit in the Madagascar section for their parents and welcome sponsors for the materials and labor.